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Audio Technology

Audio Technology
Since 1998 AudioTechnology has been one of the world’s best magazines for sound engineers and recording musicians. Published bi-monthly, AT serves up a reliably stimulating mix of news, interviews with professional engineers and producers, inspiring tutorials, and authoritative product reviews penned by industry pros. Whether your principal speciality is in Live, Recording/Music Production, Post or Broadcast you’ll get a real kick out of this wonderfully presented, lovingly-written publication.

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AudioTechnology is the most thorough and informative publication to have ever served the audio market in this region. Published bi-monthly in a prestigious full colour perfect-bound format, AudioTechnology is a world-class title the equal (or the envy) of anything of its type worldwide.

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Current Issue

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BURNED OUT - Producer Shawn Everett's crazy obsession with War on Drugs

BARGAIN BASEMENT GEAR - Cloud Control Go Studio Shopping

DESIGNING A MIC PREAMP FROM SCRATCH - Getting All the Parts to Talk Quietly to Each Other

BOB CLEARMOUNTAIN RESCUES - The Preatures From the Doldrums


EV's Evolve Phattens Up the Stick PA Concept

Antelope Audio's Orion Studio Belts it Out of the Park

Presonun Quantum is Thunderously Fast

$11.00 *

Too Close For Comfort: In The Studio With Queens Of The Stone Age

Parallel Universe - Andrew Scheps Opens Up

Music From Airports - Gudwin Mixes Despacito in Transit

Reverb On The Reverb - Sigur Rós Live

'Awesomely Wanky' - Bernard Fanning's Prog Tendencies


Laser Accuracy: Aston Starlight Pencil Mics

New Dot Points: QSC K10.2 Even Better

In the Neck: AudioTechnica ATM350a Go-Anywhere Instrument Mics

More: Røde VideoMic Pro+, Korg Grand Stage, Chameleon Labs 7603 & Soundbrenner Pulse

$11.00 *

LIVING IN THE '70s - Black Keys Frontman Dan Auerbach's Personal Studio

Classic Comp - The 1176 Just Works. We Discover Why.

Making The Cut-lery - Dave Fridmann-isms with Spoon's Jim Eno

Triple Threat - How to Get 3 Sounds from 1 Drum Setup

Wakey Wakey - Mark Opitz Brings Clarity to Bad Dreems


Would You Rather? DSP or I/O

UA Apollo Twin Mk 11 VS Arturia Audiofuse

Arturia's MatrixBrut Makes Mook Voyager 'Look Vanilla'

ADAM's New Flagship Monitors

$11.00 *

INTERNET FAMOUS - How 3 Musicians Cracked the Code & Made it Big on YouTube

Andrew Huang - 750,000 fans - 87 million views

WORKING ON THE WEEKEND - Writing Starboy on MIDI Guitar

TYCHO RIDE WAVES' EMOTION - Mixing A Tour on Touchscreens

THUNDAMENTALLY SOUND - Beyond the Boundaries of Skip Hop


Is DiGiCo's SD12 Console the perfect PMSD replacement?

ROLI Blocks: Building next-gen MIDI for the Masses

Sennheiser XSW1: 10-Channel Capability Under $500

Korg-a-licious: Gadget for Mac's Synth Nirvana

$11.00 *


MIX MASTERS: David Wrench Effects The xx

NEW & IMPROVED: Remix Tips to Best the Original

(SOUTH) POLAR PATTERNS: The Art of Recording 110-knot Winds

THE GREAT STICK PA SHOOTOUT - 5 Slender Contenders Go Head-to-Head


Is Zoom's F4 Game Over for Field Recorders?

Presonus Banks Up Faderport to 8

$11.00 *

AudioTechnology & Studios 301 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to RICHARD LUSH

TOOLS PRODUCER DAVID BOTTRILL - Helps Birds of Tokyo Get Heavy

GETTIN' TWIGGY WID IT - '60s DIY with Foxygen's Rado

HOW TO PRODUCE A RECORD TODAY - with insights from Top Aussie Producers


Pro Tools Cloud, Nine or Nein?

Bose Goes On Tour with a New PA

Express Yourself with ROLI's Seaboard

Mixing Without Faders on the QSC Touchmis-30 Pro

$11.00 *

Paul Dempsey Plays in Wilco's Studio Toyshop

Is Slate's Virtual Mic The Only One You Need?

Building The Vibe - Inside Universal Music's New Sydney Studio

Mix Masters: Twenty One Pilots Get Distorted for Suicide Squad Soundtrack

Recording Macy Gray in Enhanced - Binaural that Plays on Speakers Too

Tales of Prince & How His Bandmates Are Recreating That Sound

+ Prince Protegé, Harts, is a ONe-Man Bedroom Studio Junkie

$11.00 *


16 Years in the Making: What Took The Avalanches So Long?


The Final Frontie: Recording Space & Ambience

Compatible? Match Mics to Preamps with our Calculator

Arena Tips: Getting Tight Bass

In the Studio with: Ball Park Music, King Gizzard, Jimmy Barnes & Beyoncé


Audix Takes Shot at Wireless Duopoly

dbx Enters 500 Race

UA's Ultimate Virtual Fender Amp


$11.00 *

BUTCH VIG - Inside Legendary Producer's Home Studio

DAMIAN TAYLOR REAMPS THE TEMPER TRAP'S Private London Studio with His Auratone

How To Craft Chillwave Vocals like Troye Sivan's Fools

Rüfüs Switch the Live Profile to an Avid S6L


Mastering the Difficult Phase, One Frequency at a Time


Aston Halo Tame Reflections from All Angles

Ozone 7 Advanced Adds Vintage Flavour

Livemix Doubles Up Its Personal Mixer

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Classical Legend Tony Faulkner's Big Reveal: Signature Streo Techniques & All-new RØDE Prototypes


  • Hit No.1 by Kepping it Local


  • On Location with The Revenant
  • Michael Carnes Unveils the 'Lexicon Sound'


Two Diaphragms: Shure's Dynamic Switch Up

Allen & Heath's dLive: Mixing it with the Big Boys

Korg Minilogue: Modern Analogue Done Light

Is the CS18AI Presonus's End-to-End Linchpin?

$11.00 *

Our First Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To DAVID NICHOLAS

How-To: TuneVocals like an L.A. Ninja

Mix Masters: Mixing The Biebs

Fall Festivals Beats the Heat

VR Audio: Sountracking a New Reality

+ Reviewed:

Ableton Push 2 Delivers on Promise

Ashton Makes Strong Debut with Origin

Lovin' Local: Szikl Prodigal & Beesneez Oliver

$11.00 *

Get Ready For Summer

DRIVING DOWNTOWN - Mixing a Moped Masterpiece

DEF LEPPARD LIVE - '80s Excess Rolls into Town

Rockwiz Live! - Non-Trivial Event

More Audio Skulduggery on 'Limbo 2'

+ Reviewed:

Audio-Technica BP40: Dynamic Broadcaster

Sennheiser AVX: Smart Wireless Camera System

EV EKK Portable PA: Happy to go Hard

PreSonus Studio 192: More, Much More

$11.00 *

The Guitar Issue



Zoom F8: Game Changing Field Recorder
Focusrite Clarett: Operates in ISA Air
Soyuz: 'Vintage' Mics Godrich Can Get Behind
AKG C314: All the Best Bits of a 414

$11.00 *

PEDAL TO THE METAL - The "Whatever It Takes" Issue

Aussie Buena Vista Reggae Club!

Rich Costry Tracks Of Monsters & Men to Iceland

Kurt Vile's B'lieve I'm Going Down: 12 Songs, 11 Studios

& Neil Young Tows Frankenstein Console to Teatro


ex-Triple J Alum Probably Hates Your Arrangement

Decoding Eno's Discreet Music on its 40th Anniversary


Yamaha TF Console - Digital for Analogue Lovers

Chandler's REDD.47 Dips Into '60s

Bose F1's Magnetic Appeal

Arturia's Beatstep Goes Pro

$11.00 *

CURRENT NOSTALGIA - Tame Impala's Kevin Parker Returns to his Roots & Mixes'90s-sounding Currents Himself

JAMIE XX & TOM ELMHIRST - Fell the Gravity of Space Surrounding In Colour

HOW TO: Record & Mix Bang-On Retro Drums from the '50s, '60s & '70s

MIXING FOR CLARITY - Masterclass with Live Sound Legend Howard Page


Plus Sides of SSL's Summing Mixer

Studio One's New Arrangement in V3

Rode NTG4+ Has Got The Power

DI Shootout: Modern Tube vs Motown

$11.00 *

THE RIGHT PILL - Which Tablet Mixer is Best For You?

BLUR CRACKS WHIP - Inside the Secret Hong Kong Sessions

DEJA VUE - Itallion Stallion, Giorgio Moroder, is Back

ARP ODYSSEY REBORN - Triple the Fun of the Original

MIXING THE MADNESS - FLying Dow Fury ROad with Ben Osmo

+ REVIEWED: Korg Kronos, Amphion Monitors, Cubase Pro 8 & More

$11.00 *

Sø Höt Right Now - Ásgeir Unleashed in Iceland's Coolest Studio

Big Things, Small Package - FOH Engineers Bring Avid S3L-X Hand Luggage to Laneway + We Review it for Live & Studio

13 Years in the Making: D'Angelo Stays True to Analogue on Black Messiah

Mark of Cane: The Bamboos Aim for a Prettier Kind of S**tty


Ribbon Roundup: including the Full-Packaged Rode NTR

Traktor S8's Screens Bring Deep Features to the Surface

Sennheiser D1: Real Go-Anywhere Wireless


$11.00 *

SMASHED IT - Eric J Breaks Through with Chet Faker's Built On Glass

About Face: Greg Kurstin Fronts Sia Production

How Do You Measure Up? The Truth About Flat-lining PAs

Listen Up or Die in Alien: Isolation


Mackie Brings Maturity to iPad Mixing

Apogee Ensemble: A Full Cast of Features

Emergence Monitors Cancel Out Your Room

AEA Modernises the Ribbon Mic


$11.00 *

32...There Can Be Only 1

Console Shootout: Allen & Heath Qu-32 & Midas M32 Battle for the Same Turf

Pop Oddities: David Wrench Mixes Jungle, FKA twigs & Caribou

The Church Puts The Pieces Back Together on Further/Deeper

Kev 'The Caveman' Shirley: From Ed Force One to Barnsey's Freight Train

+Australia's Biggest EV Mic Collection


Ditching Icon for Avid Pro Tools S6

Heritage Audio Builds Junior Neves

KRK Rokits Face-Off Against Events

Yamaha DBR/DXR Aquires Nexo Voice Control


$11.00 *

Doomsday Survival Kit
Dodging disaster with Flume, Frank Ocean, Drake, Broken Bells, Nelly Furtado and The Kite String Tangle

5SOS producer John Feldmann on succeeding in the 'timeless' world of pop
All You Need is Lav: The Extraordinary Demands of Mixing Les Mis
Tony Bennett's son mixes an album of duets with...Lady Gaga
Hey Geronimo! Stuart Stuart Produces Sheppard & Gets an ARIA Nod
+Sounds from the Streets of GTA V

XL: SSL's History in One Small Console
iZotope RX4 Cleans up its Signal Path
Light It Up: RME Fireface 802 Speed Tested
NI Komplete Kontrol Goes Full Vegas Mode

$11.00 *

Pensado Revives The King of Pop

Autograph's Andrew Bruce: Tracks the Diminishing Footprints of Musical Theatre Consoles

How Lucky Brian Lucey Mastered the Littel Black Keys

+Dust Off Your Super Jupiters with CTRLR


Getting a Handle on Antelope's Zen Studio

Digital Dividend Pays Off with Shure QLX-D

Zoom's TAC-2: Lightning-fast Mini Apollo?

PSI Audio Pumps Up Monitoring with Swiss Precision

$11.00 *

Catching Del Rey's vision for ULTRAVIOLENCE - Robert Orton Mixes in-the-box with Lana

GOOD LORDE! - The Royals Queen Live

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE: Why Jensen Transformers Steers Clear of the Harmonics War

HIDING TO NOTHING: Remixing a Deep Purple Classic


Mixing it up with Softcube's Console1

MicW: Looks like a DPA, but how does it sound?

AWTAC 500 Series Preamp/EQ

Arturia Beatstep Mini Sequencer

+ More

$11.00 *

Keeping it Real

Spill, saturation, 8-track tape, reamping an entire album & Baileys for breakfast. John Congleton, St Vincent, Wagons, Mick Harvey, Matt Linesch, Russell Morris & Jeff Lang set themselves up to make authentic records.

Bitwig Studio Takes on Ableton's Turf

NI Tunes Up Maschine & Hits The Studio

Womadelaide Photo Diary & Harry Vanda's New Studio

$11.00 *

MODERN CLASSICS - An offset ribbon and an out-of-spec Fairchild... The happy accidents behind the gear we love from Royer's Jennings & ELI's Derr. Plus 4 more Gear Gamechangers.

Mix Masters - Tom Elmhirst Mixes Beck's Morning Phase

+ On Review - Roland TR-8, API's The Box, UA's Twin, Prism Titan, Arturia Microbrute, EAW's Anya & more

$11.00 *

The Game Changers Issue

The Mouse That Roared

Danger Mouse: From Bedroom Mashups to U2

Big Name Game Changers: World exclusive interviews...Michael Brauer, Tchad Blake, Manny Marroquin, Jacquire King, Joe Chiccarelli, Flood, Tom Elmhirst, Andy Scheps

$11.00 *
1 - 30 of 40 results