Audio Technology Issue 96

Audio Technology Issue 96

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For mixers, engineers, and producers, achieving good balance can be a life-long pursuit. Recently, AT's Mark Davie had the privilege of being embedded with the Triple J live recording team at Splendour In The Grass. Whipping up a mix in a couple of songs that will go live to air to over a million people is a refined art. Equally expert at this art of balance is Nick DiDia. The Issue 96 cover story fleshes out how Nick managed to balance Karnivool’s knack for drawing things out, and the lively efficient processes he’s built up over years of record-making — it’s a great example of two potentially opposing forces working together.

Also in this issue: Laura Escudé tells us how she translates albums by Kanye West, Herbie Hancock, and Bon Iver into Ableton Live performance sets; we immerse ourselves in the bizarre live surround world of Kraftwerk; talk to an Aussie making records and radio in AIDS-ravaged Swaziland; founding AudioTechnology editor Greg Simmons tells us how he and Ross A’Hern recorded a Euro Jazz album in 24-bit/352.8k ultra-high resolution; and Thomas Jouanjean breaks down the ideas behind his innovative Front To Back studio designs.

We also dig deep into ProTools 11, and weigh up the costs and benefits of upgrading; delve into Focusrite’s RedNet ethernet-based interfaces; rediscover the superlative quality of Prism Sound conversion in the new Lyra interface; and check out another 2.4GHz wireless contender — Audio-Technica’s System 10.

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